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We'd like to thank Darcy Haggith and the team at Infinit Nutrition Canada - now branded as Gruppo with the same great formulation - for helping us to understand the science of race nutrition. 

After a better understanding sweat-rates and caloric intake, we began tracking our "sweat-rates" and testing different 'Ride' and 'Run' blends in order to find our optimum race fuel strategy. The science behind it is quite interesting and worth trying to figure out if you're serious about racing strong to the finishline. As we worked through our training sessions, we both were able to come up with a custom blend using the Gruppo 'Pro' blend and easily dialed in a custom formula tailored to our individual needs for optimum performance.

We've posted more info about our take on 'Nutrition 101', and how to calculate your personal 'Sweat rate' to ensure better race performance.  We hope this helps you figure your race nutrition needs!